Design ConsultationMaster Plan Development for your home:

Let us listen to your needs and wants, see how you want to use your space, and then put together practical ideas for you.

We bring together Designers, Architects, and Structural Engineers to develop concepts, an overall plan and strategy for your home, as well as options for phasing the work. Once the phase process has been decided on we put together a detailed package for permitting in addition to the construction bid. This way you know you are making the appropriate lasting improvements consistent with your overall plan. Pricing depends on the size of the effort and relates to how many of the design steps you would like to include.

The overall design steps are as follows:

  1. Ideation / Design Flow
  2. Architectural Drawings / Structural Engineering
  3. Construction Estimate & Scope Adjustment
  4. Design Materials Selected
  5. Permit
  6. Construction with Client Support
  7. Close Out