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Garage Remodel and Exterior Facelift

Layout changes abound in this garage remodel and exterior facelift.


With both homeowners working from home and only one office, our clients needed another workspace. The master suite was dated too, and the exterior needed serious curb appeal.  To top it all off, the home was built with CMU block walls throughout, making renovations an extra challenge. 


To give our clients the space they needed, we extended the garage to make room for an office. To give the exterior some much-needed curb appeal, we created a gable front porch, gable bedroom window and installed new IPE front porch decking. We also remodeled the master suite using space from an adjacent bedroom. The client’s son wasn’t left out either with his room re-theming.


Our client’s son was thrilled with his San Jose Sharks themed room.  And the upgraded master suite and newfound curb appeal will keep the whole family happy for years to come.

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