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Breathing New Life into a Ranch Home

This ranch home room additions remodel features an upgrade to the main living areas but also a garage reconfiguration to make room for a home office and laundry/mud room.

How do you complete a remodel while the clients are living in the home? Creating a temporary kitchen and laundry room made it easier for the homeowners to continue their day-to-day life during the remodel.

Work began on the front exterior. The brick wainscot was removed and the entire entryway was pulled forward with a new entry door and windows. This opened up space in the main living areas while providing a new, welcoming entryway. 


Raising the floor to be all one level and bumping the entryway forward allowed the main living areas to become more open and cohesive. 


The dark and underutilized living room felt disconnected from the rest of the home. With the installation of new built-in cabinets, new multi-panel sliding glass doors, recessed LED lighting, and new hardwood flooring, the living room now feels light, bright, and useful. 

In the kitchen we raised the ceiling height, installing recessed LED lighting and pendant lights.  A large island with alder base cabinets was built and new hardwood flooring was added. These updates took a cramped and small kitchen to spacious and easy to use. 


The additional home office and laundry / mud room was achieved by converting a single bay of the 3-car garage, creating a home that feels more welcoming and better fits the needs of its owners. 


Finally, the back exterior wall was reconfigured to include a new window and a sliding glass door. The stucco was then patched and floated from corner to corner, making the changes look seamless and integrated. 

To learn more about the special features in this project, view our gallery below.

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