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Mid-Century Modern Whole House Remodel

Colonial drab becomes mid-century modern in this whole home remodel.


The original home was rife with dated colonial details, and the existing garage conversion was shabby: it had a cumbersome step down with an exposed foundation. The living space felt cooped up too, with a tiny, dark kitchen closed off from the rest of the house.

To give our clients the midcentury flair they craved, we reconfigured the entire interior space.  We ripped out the old center fireplace and added a vaulted kitchen and family room to the back of the home. And to keep everything on one level, we raised the floor in the converted garage, eliminating any trip hazards.

Clerestory windows and a loft with stainless steel cable rails add an industrial touch. The contemporary / modern style features, like integrated baseboards and a walnut feature wall, keep the space feeling homey. There are plenty of other standouts around the house too, such as cabinets with under-lighting in the kitchen and a floating wine bar and dining room credenza with lighting underneath.

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