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Musician's Whole House Remodel

This musician’s home remodel hits all the right notes.

With a home that was cramped and closed off, our clients needed layout changes to accommodate all their needs. An unstable sub-floor left the whole house on shaky ground, too.

To put the home back in solid standing, we rebuilt and strengthened the entire subfloor system. The kitchen found a new home in the old dining room, and the breakfast nook became the new dining space. We also added glass doors to the family room, transforming it into a music room! Upstairs, a walk-in closet occupies the space above the kitchen, completing the master bedroom.

A dedicated music room and instrument closet makes this home truly unique. And dual pantries are perfect for food allergy separation in the kitchen. More windows let the light in, too, and a new door offers easier access to the backyard

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