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M1-_EaglePeakBuildersDanville-RoomAdditionProject-Extended_Garage_After-1.jpg (1).jpg

Expanded Room Additions: Garage Extension and Outdoor Living Transformation

This extensive home improvement project was designed to seamlessly blend increased functionality with aesthetic elegance, transforming various aspects of the client's residence. Our team focused on extending the garage forward, enhancing outdoor areas, and improving overall home efficiency and security.

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M1-_EaglePeakBuildersDanville-RoomAdditionProject-Extended_Garage_Before-2 (1).jpg
M1-_EaglePeakBuildersDanville-RoomAdditionProject-Extended_Garage_After-2 (1).jpg

Garage Extension and Driveway Renovation:


We extended the existing garage forward to provide additional space and introduced a specialized access point for special vehicles. The project included reconstructing a portion of the driveway to improve the gradient and integration with the new garage layout, achieving a flawless aesthetic continuity.

Security and Curb Appeal Improvements:

To enhance both the privacy and visual appeal of the home, we installed sophisticated fencing complemented by automatic gates. The landscaping was carefully redesigned to elevate the property’s curb appeal while providing a secure environment.

M1-_EaglePeakBuildersDanville-RoomAdditionProject-Fencing_Before-1.jpg (1).jpg
M1-_EaglePeakBuildersDanville-RoomAdditionProject-Fencing_After-1 (1).jpg
M1-_EaglePeakBuildersDanville-RoomAdditionProject-Pool_After-1.jpg (1).jpg

Outdoor Living and Entertainment Spaces:


  • Enclosed Patio Area: The old raised patio was converted into a conditioned space protected from the elements, featuring an integrated entertainment system with a ceiling fan, skylights, and an outdoor kitchen, making it perfect for year-round enjoyment.


  • Custom Shade Structures: Near the pool, a new shade installation with plexiglass panels and an audio system created a comfortable and inviting poolside area.


  • Dedicated Entertainment Zone: We built a bespoke outdoor structure equipped with lighting, audio-visual equipment, and climate control to enhance the existing outdoor kitchen and fire pit, crafting an ideal spot for entertainment.

M1-_EaglePeakBuildersDanville-RoomAdditionProject-playarea_After-1 (1).jpg
Child Safe Play area with pea gravel

Family-Friendly Modifications:


Enhanced Child-Safe Play Area:

Removing a large section of lawn and installing pea gravel for the existing play structure created a safe space, reduced maintenance needs and conserved water.

Enhanced Privacy and Safety Features:


Improvements such as a decorative fence around the outdoor shower were introduced to increase privacy and safety across the property.

M1-_EaglePeakBuildersDanville-RoomAdditionProject-ExpandedGarage-Final_After-1 (1).jpg

Energy Efficiency and Emergency Preparedness:


A state-of-the-art, natural gas-fed generator was installed to ensure uninterrupted power supply during emergencies, highlighting our commitment to both comfort and safety.



The Eagle Peak Difference


Our approach was meticulous, focusing on both functional needs and stylistic preferences to deliver a holistic enhancement of the outdoor living space.The modifications add value and sophistication to the property providing more comfortable, functional, and secure living areas. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to high-quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

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